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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crushing Rains and Scorching Suns

The weather is getting annoying again! It can rain the whole day and be burning hot the next day! Luckily most of my flowers have survived the crazy weather.

The rains: 

My purple passion flower loves basking in the sun and chilling in the rain. They are so hardy!

The orchids are enjoying the cool shower too!

However, the tulip gentians are not really fond of the rain.

The roses hate the crushing rains too! Every time after a rain, the opened flowers will droop. Luckily this half-opened one is still nice.

The heat:

Hardy hibiscus are being attacked by aphids! But they still grow so well. They love the sun.

Petunias are also doing well in the heat, but will droop if it gets too hot.

Lotus love the heat too! The leaves are like an umbrella for the flower!

However, it gets so hot that the sunflowers are wilting too!

My seed-grown sunflowers are being attacked by spider mites, but they still look good!

Stephanie's hibiscus seeds have germinated and are doing well in both the rains and heat.

My latest vegetable from seed, the pumpkins are producing buds already! They wilt under the scorching sun but love the rains.

This last plant is an eye candy for me. It's a tillandsia and this is the first time I've seen it bloom. They are shaded from both direct sunlight and rains, but still gets them sometimes.


  1. Great to see that the hibiscus is doing so well! Good job.

    Btw, now I can see how well the passiflora is doing. Ok, for my hot garden, I think one day I will give this vine a go ;-D

    Your sunflower is doing really well. Excellent job. Spray some water based insecticide and remember to stake the plant (heavy rain is merciless!).

    Btw, I have a yellow flower cactus too. It's the one at the back of the pink one you saw in my blog. When it flowers again, I'll post. Look forward to see yours ;-D

  2. Thanks Stephanie!

    Get the passiflora! It matches the blue thunbergia!

    Still finding the insecticide. So hard! I will stake it (hope I get lots of seeds!)

    Love your cactus and hope it flowers well!

  3. Hey Aaron - Beautiful passion flower. I NEED one! I don't know about you but when I see a flower I wasn't expecting - I feel like doing the happy dance. It is a beautiful flower. The orchid is stunning with the raindrops on it. Have a good day. Becca

  4. Wow.
    You have an interesting way to set the passiflora trailing inside the pot. And they all look so pretty. I thought it will take for the plant to grow wild before they give out any flowers but looking at yours really gives the inspiration for anyone to try it out.
    Even your roses & hibiscus look so lovely.

  5. @Becca

    Thanks. I'm obsessed with passion flowers currently and will be looking for the scarlet and blue coloured passion flowers. I feel really happy too when I see a flower I least expected to bloom.

    @James Missier

    Thanks too. The passiflora is a lovely hybrid that I bought in Sungai Buloh. It flowers a lot! The flowers last for one day, but every one or two days it will be replaced.

  6. So many beautiful flowers! The Tillandsia has never bloomed for me although other bromeliads have shown their blooms. Have a nice Sunday!

  7. You have lovely plants growing in your garden. Am waiting for my passiflora to bloom again. Just love the sweet scent.

  8. Wow, Aaron, your garden is now blooming with flowers! I think your purple passion flower has a very nice fragrance, like English perfume. I bought the scarlet passion flower which has very beautiful flowers but no smell. This purple one is my next target.

  9. @Keats The Sunshine Girl


    @Autumn Belle

    Thanks too. I think I have the scarlet one too, but no flowers. The purple one seems to have stopped bud production. Any tips on how to get it to flower?

  10. This is the first time I have seen a Tillandsia. Unique bloom.

    I love those sunflowers. Is it easy to grow them from seeds? After seeing sunflowers on several blogs, I am very tempted to grow them.

    I love your garden, Aaron. Seems like the plants are growing very well.

    Btw, I use a combination of garlic, bird's eye chilli blended with lotsa water then add some dish washing soap to spray on mealy bugs early morning or in the evening. It works well. Not sure if you want to try on aphids.

  11. Aaron your flowers are doing great despite the rain. I suppose its really the velocity of the showers that does most of the damage. We've had some really heavy downpours with thunder and lightning and it really does ruin some of the blossom. Even though I've lost a few blooms my garden really needed some rain as it was parched.

    Just think Aaron how big those pumkins will get with all the rain you've been having.

  12. @J.C.

    Yah, tillandsia blooms can be rare.

    Sunflowers are easy as pie!

    Thanks, I've tried that method on mealy bugs but it doesn't work on aphids!


    Thanks too! The rains can damage my temperate flowers (roses and tulip gentians).

  13. You are right! The passiflora will match well with my thunbergia :-D

  14. Just an update: I have sunflower seedlings growing in my garden now. So excited about it.

    Sorry to learn that the concoction doesn't work on aphids.