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Thursday, May 13, 2010

More additions!

The end of my shopping spree! Here are some new plants I bought a few days ago.

UPDATE: Thanks to noel for identifying medinilla for me.

Medinilla magnifica. It's also known as lantern plant in Chinese

Anthurium (Don't you think the leaf and bud together on the bottom left looks like a flower)

Passion flower (no blooms yet)

The back part of my garden again!

New roses (Some of the flowers are beginning to wilt already)

Update on my variegated rose

I love the colour of the petals


  1. aloha,

    the top plant is a mendinilla plant, forgot which version the pink is, it gets to be a really large the variegated rose :)

  2. Plants keep coming to your house... thats good, because flowers bring joy! ~bangchik

  3. Thanks, Bang Chik! The flowers makes me feel relaxed and happy!

  4. Hi Aaron,

    Love the striped rose too!

    If I am not wrong, there are 3 type of striped roses in the market currently. Yours is the most beautiful. Good choice!

  5. Hi Aaron I love Medinella blooms - I grow the pink one in work but someone not me! wasn't too careful and snapped off one of the flowering stems on Friday. We can only grow it as a houseplant here.

    I've never seen a variegated rose before - thats new to me.

    Have a great week :) Rosie

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I was lucky to find that stripped rose since I rarely even see roses here!

    I love the medinilla too. I heard that it's easy to grow here. I hope so!

  7. Wow, Aaron, you have added so much colour to your garden now. Ain't they gorgeous? The passion flower need some kind of structure that it can lean on, like a fence or pergola. It can grow quite tall and big but the flowers are really beautiful and has a very nice fragrance. Is it a red or purple passion flower?

  8. I just let my passion flower climb a pole. Still not sure what colour the flowers are.

  9. I didn't know medinilla is called lantern plant. This is a wonderful plant. I notice there is big and small version and the flowers can be in either pink or purple. Your garden is getting prettier :-D