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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leaves, leaves everywhere!

Thanks to my dad's crazy foliage obsession, my whole house is surrounded by calatheas, philodendrons, dieffenbachias, etc.

Here are some calathea


More foliage!

Even more foliage!!

Dieffenbachia and some unknown foliages

Palms and foliages again!

Coleus, dieffenbachia, and an anthurium!

Some unknown foliage

Foliage everywhere

And to complete this post, my pink rose!


  1. Aaron, your garden is really very neat and tidy, lush, cool and green. This looks like a tropical paradise. If you have water features, I'm sure it will become a living sanctuary. I'm won't be surprise if the press or TV wants to feature your home garden. Is this your dad's own creation or by a landscape designer?

    By the way, your pink rose is lovely.

  2. I think obsession is the right word for it! It is beautiful though! Who does all the watering & trimming of leaves?

  3. @Autumn Belle
    Thanks a lot. The only water feature is a fountain INSIDE my house. It is my dad's own creation(I must admit, he has some taste in foliage). I love the pink rose too, thanks.

    @Grower Jim
    Thank you too! The watering and trimming is done by my dad and maid. I sometimes water and mist them too.

  4. I love your dads obsession. The plants are beautiful. I can't think of anything better to be obsessed with. Stunning pink rose.

  5. Foliage creates an amazing background of colours to a garden. I love calatheas. For me, it is not so easy to grow but I can see that they are doing really well in your garden. Good job to you and dad!

  6. It is only flowers that is beautiful. Some leaves are so colourful, that beauty in our garden has to be redefined...

  7. Your dad's calathea look so healthy! I had many time come across burned and damaged leaves but none so in your garden.
    Very nice foliage theme garden.

  8. Thanks! My calatheas placed at a brighter place do have some burnt leaves, but the ones in shade are healthy. Maybe they hate sunlight?

  9. I'm surrounded by these plants in my work - I just love the different coloured leaves like your dad. I think you certainly have a coleus there and a Stromanthe and I'm sure a Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen).

  10. It will be hard trying to identify all the species. Maybe I'll record every plant in my garden!

  11. Gorgeous garden! I myself am more into beautiful leaves than flowers. The tropics has such a big variety and it's nice to see you have a lot!