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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Hot, the Loud, and the Proud!

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HOT medinilla is doing quite well in my garden. All my guests noticed it and compliments it (not many know of this plant here). I absolutely love the gorgeous hanging pink flowers! They look good, even if they are still buds.

It's like a pink chandelier. The opposite foliage is neat and attractive too.

And they remind me of grapes and oil palms!

The coleus are being LOUD with their striking foliage. The red among the greens screams for attention! They really stand out from those dieffenbachias.

Even the tiny purple flowers are cute!

Some grow like weeds in my garden. Some are even weeds in my garden! They just pop out of the ground!

Coleus are known as hati-hati by nurseries here. Hati means liver scientifically in Malay, but also means heart when used....romantically?

Some are so maroon!

However, the orchids are being PROUD as usual. The various shapes, sizes and colours of orchids makes them so unique and exotic. No wonder they are valued by collectors.

Although I love orchids, I can only get the common varieties since my father despises them!

I once saw a Lady's Slipper Orchid on sale in Cameron Highlands, but it was RM 100+.

I'm still loving these dendrobiums though!


  1. Your medinilla is wonderful, I've never seen anything like it. Love your coleus and orchids too, I grow some of both.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. Medinella described as a chandalier is just perfect and those little buds inside still have to open.

    Oh to have coleus growing as a weed! I adore foliage plants in the garden especially coleus but we can only grow them outdoors in the summer months and if it rains too much they just die away.

    Your orchids are lovely - hope some day you change your dads mind on them.

  3. The medinilla is really gorgeous! I will never get tired of orchids no matter how tiny or simple they look. My late dad used to grow orchids for competition and he was very proud of his orchids. Orchids are our national treasure.

  4. @leavesnbloom

    Thanks. Coleus is easy to grow here. I'm planning on getting a rarer orchid without my dad's knowledge hehe.

    @Autumn Belle

    Thanks too. I agree that orchids are our natural treasure. Thinking of getting a cattleya now.

  5. Hello Aaron,

    The medinilla is amazing! what a spectacular looking plant. Loved the close-ups.

    Kanak (Terra farmer)

  6. aloha aaron,

    congrats, you finally got our medinilla to bloom, it will be even more spectacular next time, thanks for sharing with us today!

  7. Hi Aaron, i've been seeing your comments in my friends' posts but i haven't commented here earlier. Your Medenilla photos and its growth are beautiful. Some of the varieties are endemic in our highlands, especially the Kappa-kappa, which has the biggest leaves. (it is funny how both you and i repeats many words).

  8. Thanks, noel and andrea.

    Yah, I've read about medinilla in Wikipedia and most of them are from Philippines. Malay words usually repeat when something's plural, but some repeated words are a different meaning than when used once.

  9. Aaron, your medinilla is really beautiful... even prettier than those in the nursery! Love your orchids as well. Looks like all these blooms are going to grace your garden for some time. Enjoy their presence. Have a great day!

  10. That medinilla is fantastic! I wish I was growing one in my garden too.
    The dendrobiums are beautiful when they're blooming aren't they? But when they're not they can look a bit ugly so I can understand why your dad doesn't like them.
    But what a lot of keikis on your plant! You'll soon have a lot more dendrobium plants blooming their heads off for you.