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Monday, May 3, 2010

Germinated Seeds and Grown Bulbs

Update to my previous post

It's been a week since I've sowed the seeds and bulbs and here they are!

White Rain Lily

Pink Rain Lily (It's gonna flower!)

'Zinnia' seeds(not sure if this is really zinnia)

Amaryllis bulb(not much change)

Eucrosia bicolor/Peruvian Lily bulb (the single leaf has grown big)

Sunflower Seeds (Hope no caterpillars)


  1. Neat and cool! Way to go. I hope they all will 'grow up' healthily.

  2. So many of them!... It is going spring soon.. haha. But those don't seem to be zinnias. Zinnia has light powdery green leaves, and a little rounded at the tip. Oh well...

  3. Your venture seems fine so far. As for sunflower seeds, sometimes all the seeds from the same packet won't germinate at all.

  4. @Bangchik

    So those are not Zinnias, I wonder what are they! Will be waiting for the surprise when they successfully bloom!

    @Autumn Belle

    So far the sunflowers are good. 4 has germinated and 2 of them have produced true leaves.

  5. What a nice blog you have. I just popped over for a visit. Looks like your plants are coming along. Doesn't look like zinnia to me. I will be following your blog. Have a good day. Becca

  6. Thanks. If that's not Zinnia then I don't know what plant that is. Will be waiting for it to flower anyway.

  7. can't wait for it to bloom! The lilies are the easiest to bloom, though..
    Cool blog you have here :)