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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fragile Beauty

I can't believe that heavy rain snapped my lotus! My roses and dianthus are droopy too! My garden is flooded and I'm all wet! I'm so angry and sad!

However, rather than waste the flower, I decided to use it with some calathea leaves as a decoration for one of my dining table. Sorry for the bad lighting but the rain clouds are so dark!


  1. Well, you definitely have a way to put spoilt things to good use. The lotus look really nice in the vase. It rainy really heavy here as well. I just pruned many of my spoilt flowers.

    Nonetheless, have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! The rain is driving me nuts!

  3. Aw, I hate when heavy storms wreck my garden. And it always seems to happen right when something beautiful has just bloomed!

    I do wish it would rain a *little* here though....I think I'd risk my blooms for it.

  4. It rained the whole day here today! I wish it won't rain so badly tomorrow!

  5. Temperate zone gardeners are worried about the snow, we in the tropics are scared of heavy rains. Once, the rain destroyed all my precious seedlings! And also my one and only cactus. But there's one type of plant, i.e. the rain lilies that will bloom after a storm.

  6. Rain Lilies are the only plants benefiting from the rains, while my other plants are hurt!