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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crinum Lily

This is a large flowering plant in my garden. It has spider lily-like flowers. Can someone help identify it?

UPDATE: Thanks to Grower Jim for identifying this plant. It is a species of crinum lily.

The flowers, white and scentless

Any help will be appreciated.


  1. It appears to be a variegated crinum lily. I have the solid green ones and the purple leaf ones, but none with the white variegation.

  2. Glad that it appears you have an answer - I wouldnt have a clue!

  3. Thanks a lot. I wonder what is the full scientific name for this plant.

  4. What a nice plant. I have seen this one many times kept indoors in Hotel lobbies. I wonder whether they do well indoors.
    They look slightly burnt though - too much sun?

    Regardless - they have a nice flower.

  5. Nice big plant Aaron! The flower is a beautiful one :-D

  6. @James Missier.

    Thanks. The 'burns' were actually a disease(rust spots?) but it is recovering now. It was constantly flowering even when infected.


    Thanks a lot.

  7. I have seen giant Asian crinum lilies in Taman Botani, Putrajaya and also The Secret Garden. Their foliage looks like yours but they grow in on the ground under full sun. I guess they do well in our weather. Good luck in yours. It is lovely. I like crinum lilies.

  8. Thanks. I love crinum lilies too.(and all lilies)

  9. aloha aaron,

    the variegated crinums are one of my favorite, actually i'm a variegated plant lover also....thanks for sharing your crinum with us today.

  10. Hmm... Though it is definitely a crinum I can't tell what kind it is! Whatever it is I want one!

  11. Hey, Aaron! Great blog. This is my first visit. Lilies of any kind are my favorite blooms and the Queen Emma Crinum is my fave of all. Love your crinums! Very nice..thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog too.