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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seedlings, seeds and bulbs!

I just bought some bulbs last Friday and they arrived yesterday. I bought about 20 lilies and received various seeds and 3 passion flower seedlings as a gift. I still can't identify the free seeds other than passion fruits and sunflower seeds as well as a yellow rain lily. Here are some of my new plants.

3 Passion flower seedlings

Eucrosia bicolor bulb

Amaryllis(or something related) bulb

Rain lily bulbs

Hope they grow well.


  1. I thought those bulbs are onions... haha.. Good luck to your adventure, hope they will grow and bloom. ~bangchik

  2. I hope they grow well too for you but it looks like you've given them a great start. Never knew that another name for a Peruvian Lily was Eucrosia - I was going to ask you what it was and the rain lily and then I saw your tags at the end of the post and recognised their other names.

  3. It will be exciting to see what the unknown seeds turn out to be. The rest of your purchase is a great selection of plants!

  4. Thanks, everyone.

    They really look like onions, since they have bulbs too.

    I never knew what was peruvian lily. The seller told me it was eucrosia bicolor(it looks interesting) and I searched the net and found out it was also called peruvian lily.

    @Grower Jim
    Thanks. So far I can only identify sunflower seeds, passion flower seeds, zinnia seeds and yellow rain lily seeds. The others are a mystery (the seller wrote it in Chinese but I can't understand it).

  5. Very neat job! You really have green thumbs :-D I can't wait to see those beautiful blooms.

  6. Im very confident that you might just see the flower sprout out first before the leaves from the bulb.
    I guess you must be the expert now in lilies.

  7. Well I hope they flower quickly.

    No, I'm no expert in lilies. In fact, I'm just a beginner.

  8. I have four Peruvian Lilies in my back garden. They get HUGE every year. And I usually end up staking the flower stalks, because they flop over in the wind and because of the sheer weight. They have beautiful flowers though, and the foliage stays nice for awhile.

  9. I may have to stalk mine too since it's windy here too.

  10. I am so very delighted to see your success with those babies. Well done and cheers!

  11. Thanks, Autumn Belle. The seeds of sunflowers and zinnias have germinated, but still have a long way to go.