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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Red Hippeastrum

A red hippeastrum that I bought from Cameron Highlands last year. My dad asked me to put it in the shade but the plant looked terrible there. So I moved 1 to the back with lots of sunlight(top) and another under the shade(bottom) as an experiment. The results:

So they need lots of sunlight. And it rewarded me with this:

Days later:

And today! I'm so happy!

Gotta find more lilies. Gloriosa lily/day lily/amaryllis/rain lily/spider lily!


  1. It's gorgeous .... yes they do love the sun! I'm a big fan of daylilies ... so easy to grow and big rewards!

  2. Thanks! I'm searching for various lilies right now, especially daylilies and gloriosa lilies.

  3. How it enjoy bathing in the sun and shooting out beautiful flower as a result.

  4. Wow.. You certainly got the luck in getting them bloom.
    I had few for years and finally the daylilies decided to bloom now for this season.
    Goodluck in getting all the lilybulbs and getting them to bloom.

    Thanks for visiting and your lovely comment in my blog.

  5. @Bangchik and James Missier

    Thanks. I used to have lots of these since they multiply like rabbits and flower profusely! But I left most of them when I moved to a new house. I'm gonna recollect the lost plants.

  6. Everyone needs a little sunshine don't they Aaron. In your part of the world they really do multiply - I saw pictures on one blog of them growing as a hedge - thats unbelievable over here in Scotland. I hope you find lots and lots and especially those Gloriosa ones - they are beautiful. BTW thankyou so much for faving my blog on blotanical. I think you will enjoy being a member there. :)Rosie

  7. The only lily in that list that might survive Alaska would be daylily. I've had a few and they've never bloomed that well, which is surprising since they are reputed to be so tough. Can't believe how quick that hippeastrum shot up for you!

    Christine in Alaska

  8. @leavesnbloom & Christine B.

    Thanks a lot. I love lilies or lily-like plants but they are hard to find here in Malaysia where rarer plants only become available during Chinese New Year. I just found a source of rain lilies, a pink hippeastrum or amaryllis(can't tell the difference) and eucrosia bicolor. Can't wait to get those

  9. This flower is gorgeous, a good substitute for daylilies which is difficult to flower in our climate. Do you like spider lily and crinum lily too?