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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Glimpse of My Garden

Here is my garden, designed by my father who thinks flowering plants are ugly and a waste of time, so most of the plants are foliage plants. My dream is to have my own garden, without anyone to meddle with.

The front garden, with palms, an agave and a row of sansevieria.

A row of conifers and some calathea

A row of calathea along my front door and ferns on the window.

Going to tha back garden, a row of trees(don't know what they are)

Crinum lilies and other plants at the side of my house.

A row of nepenthes along a fence in the backyard.

Dendrobiums, fan palms, my wilting hippeastrum and a row of seeds and bulbs.(My dad asked me to move them, saying that they make the garden messy. Can the rain lilies, passion flower, amaryllis, peruvian lily, sunflower and zinnia take the heat?)

My grow rack, filled with carnivorous plants and tillandsias

The end! With more palms, elephant's ears, lotus and more seeds!(Do they really make the garden look messy?)


  1. I wish I have a garden like yours... so spacious and pleasant! Both your father and yourself did a great job! The design is perfected by you :-D I love the row of conifers. And, an excellent choice to keep your garden private. Good job.

  2. Thanks Stephanie. BTW can the lilies take the heat? If so, I will move them upstairs to my balcony where it is hotter until they flower and prove to my dad that flowering plants are just a s beautiful as foliage plants.

  3. I am truly surprised to hear that 'flowering plants are ugly'. When flower blooms, prosperity comes (Hua Kai Fu Kui)! Flowers lead to fruits, signifying that your efforts bear fruit. Isn't this auspicious? If I have foliage plants, I make sure they flower too, e.g. my spider plants, fox tail ferns, ZZ plant. My home is full of flowering plants :) Flowers attract beautiful butterflies and birds. Some flowers have nice fragrance. Easy to grow flowers in Malaysia are marigolds, hibiscus and bougainvilleas.

    Your garden is very neat and looks very cooling. The foliage is lush and it just shows that both of you had done a good job on it.

  4. Can the rain lilies, passion flower, amaryllis, peruvian lily, sunflower and zinnia take the heat? - Well, I have seen these plants being grown under the sun and they are flowering.

  5. It's a lovely garden, but I prefer less formal compositions and more blooms. I'm impressived with your collection of carnivorous plants!

  6. It is a lovely front garden Aaron it certainly is very formal. I suppose your dad likes this style of gardening but you want to be more adventurous and I don't see why some flowers won't fit in with that formality. Just think of all the wildlife that will come and feed on the nectar rich plants if there are some flowers. Thanks for following my blog - its really apreciated. :) Rosie

  7. I like the garden where both you & your father share - I guess he is person who enjoy spare and prefers everything neat, tidy and plants growing in their respective places.

    (The tree you don't know the name is Bottlebrush)

    SUnflower & Zinnia needs good sunlight to flower. They don't do well in my garden because sunlight is limited.

    Infact, I put my rainlilies outside my house because they get a little extra sunlight and that helps them bloom.

    I guess most flowering plants needs good sunlight to bloom, my advice is to keep them in shade first until you see them a little bigger so that they can take the heat. (except for lily plants - they do well in hot condition)

    If you call this a mess (last pic) you should look at my garden (lol)

  8. @Autumn Belle
    Guess my father is more of a formal person. He hates bougainvilleas, saying that the flowers drop and make the garden messy. He says lilies leaves are like wild grass. Anyway, good to know that they are resistant to heat. Maybe I'll move them.

    @Lisa and Robb
    I prefer more blooms too, but my father hate them so I must wait until I get my own house!

    I like foliage+flowers while my dad is foliage, foliage and more foliage. My garden has a fair share of wildlife including birds(they made nests in my garden 4-5 times already), butterflies(but I'll kill any caterpillars I see), spiders, a snake, a monitor lizard and a squirrel!(Maybe it's because the back of my house is a small jungle??)

    @James Missier
    Yah, my father is too neat. Thanks for telling me the tree's name. I'll give me seeds some shade(currently my sunflower has produced a green stem while the zinnia(maybe) is producing leaves already) until they can take it.

  9. Great garden, Aaron! I think your father and you both have differing garden-styles ... both great in their own way. But hey! at least you like gardening, right? Maybe you could persuade him to gave you a bit of garden space of your own? If not, you could take your flower garden to the terrace if you have one.
    Personally, I love flowers in my garden... they attract butterflies and birds which complete a garden. I can't imagine my garden without them!
    As for sunflowers and zinnias, they have no problem with the heat so long as you dont forget about their watering too. I grow all the plants (except peruvian lilies ... dont know about those) you asked about in my own garden in Mumbai where temperatures go up to 38*C+ in summer.
    I'm fascinated by your collection of carnivorous plants. I have one tiny little pitcher plant which is still in a tube and I'm terrified of taking it out :P I think I'll be mailing you soon for tips

  10. Thanks. I've moved all the plants to the balcony where it is hotter, but they are ok.

  11. Your garden looks neat n tidy, with well-cut lawn, potted plants in a row, not many flowering plants,a formal design..must be your dad's taste!Anyway I still love all your plants esp the ferns on the window. Although my garden has an informal design but I wish somebody would help me tidy up the garden once in a while! Im a lone gardener with no help from my 3 sons, how lucky your dad is with a son who shares his passion for gardening!

  12. great collection!

    those trees [in a row] are called podocarpus.

  13. What a lovely garden....and so well maintained too. Btw its good to see teenagers like yourself to take keen interest in plant and Garden son. Your parents must be proud of you.