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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update on my plants

After some time, I decided to post my plants again. if you're here for papercraft, you can skip this post.(Don't worry, there is a papercraft waiting to be released).

N. viking from seed.

N. x hookeriana

N. sibuyanensis

N. rafflesiana 'Bau Red Giant'

N. albomarginata 'Black'

N. rafflesiana ' Kuching Squat Red'

N. albomarginata 'Cameron Highland'

A very overgrown N. x ventrata

N. x Indah flower. I think it's female.

N. truncata, hidden in the leaves.


  1. Wow Aaron! All are looking great and congrats on the flower. Your collection is remarkable. I am still looking for one nepenthes for my garden.

    Btw, how did you pick up this passion? How did you across pitcher plants? Do you have friends who are as young and grows lots of pitcher plants like you?

    I would love to hear how you started this passion in growing pitcher plants.

  2. Thanks very much, Stephanie. If you want a nepenthes, you can find them in lots of nurseries.(They are either N. x ventrata or N. x miranda, the 2 most common hybrids sold in shops).

    Here's my story:

    Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Aaron. He was only 12 and saw Nepenthes in his books and on TV. He was fascinated by their shape, colour and weird eating habits(I confess I love killing insects and feeding them to my plants). One day, while in a shop, he saw some pretty Nepenthes. His mom bought 2 and it flourished. To learn more, Aaron surfed the Internet and found a website named Petpitcher, a forum about carnivorous plants, made by someone named David in Malaysia! Aaron was shocked as I did not expect Malaysians to have an interest in carnivorous plants. There, he met lots of new friends, young or old, professional or newbie. Some members are of the same age as him too!. Some kind members gave him a Venus Flytrap and a Sundew to start with. Then his dad became 'poisoned' too and started buying more for Aaron. And that's what happen.

  3. Interesting story Aaron! I am amazed. Maybe one day I would write about your story, nepenthes plants and consult you on plant care & pix (if you are ok only). Nowadays I write about plants for NST. If you have a copy of NST, you can find my most recent article in the Life & Times section last Saturday. Else, the online link is

    Glad to know you Aaron! Happy gardening nepenthes.

  4. OH! That's interesting!!! I'm OK if you want to publish my story or need information on nepenthes. I'll be more than heppy to share it with others.