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Monday, March 22, 2010

Other Carnivorous Plants

Again, nothing to do with Papercraft so skip this if you are here for them.

My sarracenia:

S. leucophylla hybrid

NOID(Unknown hybrid)

My pinguicula x Tina

My Venus Flytraps:

D. muscipula 'Green'

D. muscipula 'Typical' (It's supposed to have a red colouring in the 'mouth' but lack of sunlight caused it to turn green)


  1. Hello Aaron, beautiful plants! I have one sarracenia. I place a plate below the pot so that the sphagnum moss is always wet. Do you?

  2. Thanks, Stephanie. I do not use a plate/tray/container(my father is kind of a neat freak, he says if you want trays, all your plants must be put on trays). Therefore, I water frequently.

  3. oh I see. How many times do you water in a day? The place where you place them, does it receive direct sunlight? And it is a cool or hot place?

    For my sarra, since it receives indirect sunlight in late afternoon (under the porch), I place a tray below the pot. I have to water twice a day during sunny days.

  4. I only water my plants once a day. It receives direct sunlight for a few hours( maybe 3-4) then it becomes a little shady. It can be very hot in the afternoon sometimes but usually the temperature is around 32 C. The humidity is about 70-80%.

  5. Aaron...c'mon tell your dad to give them more sunlight!!

  6. Your banner is brilliant! I love it :-D

  7. Hello Aaron, good that you found the culprit, snail in your moth orchid. So, I hope that the plant is not totally destroyed and will spring back to a heathy state soon. Have a pleasant evening!