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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Venus Flytraps, Nature Gone Mad

Venus Flytraps are one of the most famous carnivorous plants on Earth. They have appeared in works of fiction as gruesome man-eating plants. But in reality, they are just as big as a hand. The interesting part is that they can snap their leaves like jaws. They are one of the few plants with nastic movements, the other being mimosa pudica, sundews and some other plants. Some cultivars are bigger and colourful while some are boring, small and dull. They are known scientifically as Dionaea Muscipula. They are only found naturally in North and South Carolina, USA. They are endangered just like Nepenthes. So, protection is needed for their survival.

I've grown some and they are more difficult then Monkey Cups as they need a winter dormancy as they come from temperate countries. The problem is Malaysia, a tropical country does not have winter. Therefore, some growers must force their plants to sleep or else they will die from lack of energy.They love water but they must not be grown in high nutrient environment.

Here's some of mine:

D.muscipula 'Red Dragon'

D.muscipula 'Green'

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nepenthes, An Endangered Beauty

Nepenthes are also known as Tropical Pitcher Plants, Periuk Kera and Monkey Cups. They can be found all over South-East Asia but some can be found in India and even a few places in Australia. Most of them are found in Borneo where they are in danger of extinction due to deforestation. these unappreciated plants are sought by many carnivorous plants growers for their uniqueness and beauty. Some of them are so rare they can already be considered 'extinct'. Therefore, we must protect these marvelous plants from being destroyed.

I've collected many species of nepenthes from the most common hybrids to some rarer species. Here are some of them:

N. xmiranda

N. albomarginata 'Black'

N. chaniana

N. truncata

N. xhookeriana

N. rafflesiana ' Bau Red Giant'

Those are just some of my plants. So wait for more to come. Bye.