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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My N. viking seedling

Here is my largest viking seedlings. I forgot who gave the seeds, so long already, but thanks to that person, I have my first nep from seed.

My largest picher. So cute and small.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Carnivorous Plants

A few more photos of my carnivorous plants.

P. x Tina

 P. x Weser

 My crowded D. intermedia ' Great Swamp'

 D. muscipula ' Typical'

D. muscipula ' Green'

N. madagascariensis

My various Sarracenias

 My Nepenthes growing place

My other carnivorous plant growing place

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finally, an update.

My plants now:

Finally. after so long, I decided to upload photos of my plants. Here are they. Comments please.

N. ventricosa

S. minor hybrid

C. follicularis

N. x Indah

N. Hirsuta x Spathulata

N. x Hookeriana

N. sanguinea

My overgrown N. x Miranda

N. bicalcarata

N. ampullaria

N. rafflesiana 'Bau Red Giant'

My N. albomarginata 'Black' pitcher about to be eaten by the x Hookeriana.

N. albomarginata 'Black'

My long N. albomarginata 'Black'

N. x Hookeriana 'Hot Lips'

N. rafflesiana 'Kuching Squat Red'

N. albomarginata 'Cameron Highlands'

My overgrown minibog

My tillandsias