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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nepenthes, An Endangered Beauty

Nepenthes are also known as Tropical Pitcher Plants, Periuk Kera and Monkey Cups. They can be found all over South-East Asia but some can be found in India and even a few places in Australia. Most of them are found in Borneo where they are in danger of extinction due to deforestation. these unappreciated plants are sought by many carnivorous plants growers for their uniqueness and beauty. Some of them are so rare they can already be considered 'extinct'. Therefore, we must protect these marvelous plants from being destroyed.

I've collected many species of nepenthes from the most common hybrids to some rarer species. Here are some of them:

N. xmiranda

N. albomarginata 'Black'

N. chaniana

N. truncata

N. xhookeriana

N. rafflesiana ' Bau Red Giant'

Those are just some of my plants. So wait for more to come. Bye.