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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Carnivorous Plants, A True Wonder of Nature

Most of us have seen insects eating plants. Grasshoppers munch on grass, caterpillar eating leaves and snails damaging vegetables. But this is the opposite in carnivorous plants. They eat insects and other small creatures instead to get a supply of nutrients. This is because they grow in poor soil with little to no nutrients. They need insects to grow well.

Since last year, I've developed a fascination for these plants. Especially Tropical Pitcher Plants found locally. They are scientifically known as Nepenthes. These plants trap insects by a pitfall trap. Insects who enter their cups searching for nectar will drown in a pool of acidic water and then the plants digest them.

I've grown some of them. they are hard to get and often quite expensive. Now my collection is almost worth a few thousand. They can be hard to grow for newbies as they require special needs such as mineral and chlorine-free water and nutrient-free soil as nutrients may burn their roots and kill the plant. For those interested in these plants, there is a local forum known as The members are very friendly and helpful. There are not only local members but also international ones from France, Australia, America etc. Hope more people will get interested in this hobby.

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